Water Quality Testing

Find out if your water is safe and free from bacteria through our water quality testing service.

While there are many local areas that have a public water supply or are organized into local water districts, a large percentage of the homes in our area have their water supplied by a private well. A private well is the homeowner’s responsibility and many issues can be present in a well water supply: bacteria and other types of microbes, pollutants, excess levels of natural minerals and substances, etc. The presence of any one of these may have health implications, cause excessive wear on home plumbing components and appliances, and cause the water to have odors or a different taste. 

Various things may affect a private well’s water quality, such as how the well was installed, natural runoff or other topographical factors, or a range of other causes. Even if the home is fed by a public water supply, is it a good idea to have a water analysis completed to ensure that nothing, whether it’s originating from outside or inside the home, is affecting your water quality. While many of these concerns can be effectively rectified, a proper water analysis is imperative to ensure that the water that you drink and bathe in is clean, and safe!

An EPA fact sheet about Home Water Quality and Testing can be found here.


We have personal experience in areas serviced by public water supply, local water district, and private well. Croton River Home Inspections strongly recommends that prior to the purchase of a new home, an in-depth water analysis should be completed. Samples will be collected at the home and lab results will be emailed to you as soon as they are received. The EPA recommends routine testing of your water for conditions can change from month to month, or year to year. In addition to an analysis being done with a home inspection, Croton River Home Inspections also offers routine water testing as a stand-alone service. Croton River Home Inspections only uses certified NYS (ELAP) and CT (ELCP) labs for water testing.

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